About us

Circa, August 2012, it was almost 15 years after high school, since many of us had last met. We were absolutely excited to see each other, each one with a story of his own. When we parted, we promised to stay in touch and meet more often.


A couple of days later, when we met again, we decided to do something together - something that was more exciting than what we were already doing.

With a sparkle in eyes, one of us came up with an idea of starting up a tea trading business. Tea being one of the fastest selling commodities in India and an integral part of the Indian culture, this idea hugely appealed to us. The next few weeks went into the research of the tea trading business, with thoughts flowing from all of us on creative new-age packaging, RTD tea beverages, etc. While the activity around this was on, it struck us that since, the majority of tea farming was being done in Assam and this distance could possibly become a bottleneck for us in the future.

This is when one of us proposed selling Ethnic Wear online. Since, we were based out of Surat, the textile capital of India, we had strong connections within the industry and we understood, this was a chance to approach one of India's most unorganized sectors and develop business around it, which would be sustainable and had potential to scale. In addition, our skills, network and past work experiences could easily be a huge asset if we pursued this as a team. As soon as this thought was pitched, all of us immediately agreed and Admyrin was born.

One of the partners at Admyrin loved Bodybuilding.com and was a fan of their "We 'Mirin" series of inspirational photos. Well, we didn't get mirin.com so we kept on tweaking the spelling and got admyrin.com.

Admyrin is a fashion private label, owned by Admyrin E-Com Services, primarily focused on ethnic wear for women. Admyrin's forte is to offer boutique-like collections of Ethnic Indian and Fusion wear for women. Admyrin E-Com Services also owns a other fashion brands such as La Isla Bonita and Bhelpuri. Admyrin products are currently available on all leading online marketplaces and stores, including Admyrin.com.

Admyrin is run by a team of young and energetic professionals having vast and varied experience in the fields of Fashion, Textiles, Manufacturing, Software, Arts, Medicine, Finance, Sales, HR and Customer Support.

Being based out of Surat, the textile capital of India and where the majority of India's man-made textiles is manufactured, Admyrin enjoys a huge strategic advantage over many other online retailers and fashion brands.

The manufacturing background and geographic advantages enable us to:

(a) Ship fast - products either produced by us or close partners in the local market

(b) Low logistics overhead - minimal logistics overhead before the product lands into our warehouse

(c) Being close to the textile manufacturers in Surat, we are constantly updated about new and upcoming products and thus, we are able to offer the latest in trends and designs