Privacy Policy

Effective from: 26/Jan/2013

This is the web site of Admyrin E-Com Services.

This is the web site of Admyrin E-Com Services. Our postal address is:

Plot No. 115, Road No. 8B, Udyognagar, Udhna, Surat - 394 210, Gujarat, India

We can be reached via e-mail at or you can reach us by telephone at +91 – 261 – 2277229.

Admyrin E-Com Services may be referred to in this document as "Admyrin", "we", "our" or "us".

This website is published by Admyrin E-Com Services, whose contact details are mentioned above.

This website may also be referred as "the website" or “this website”, both referring to Admyrin's website located at "", and other sub-domains of "".

We at Admyrin E-Com Services ("Admyrin") have a firm commitment to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors. The following paragraphs will inform you about our information gathering and information distribution practices on our website and for all the services provided through the same site. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact

Admyrin endeavours to provide a safe and private experience to its visitors and website members. By private, we do not imply anonymous and thus, we do collect certain information from our website visitors but are committed to non-distribution of this information. Such information is utilized by us in ways as mentioned below and never leaves our web servers and internal systems unless as stated in this Privacy Policy.

The information that Admyrin gathers from its website visitors can be categorized as:

1. Tangible Information

2. Intangible Information

1. Tangible Information

As soon a visitor accesses our website we are able to identify his / her IP address, time spent on the website and on each page, number of clicks during one session of website visit, web browser and operating system, etc.

We collect this information so that we can improve the overall look and feel of our website. This data is helpful to us by   informing us about the countries from which our website has been accessed, country-wise statistical distribution of number of hits, browsers and operating systems most often used to access our website, etc.

Classification of information of such kind enables us to structure and provide information on our website specifically useful to frequent class of visitors. This is also useful to us in understanding the visitor's psychology, which enables us to design our website and services in order to help us with marketing of our products and services.

2. Intangible Information

a) Personal Information

There are certain areas of our website which are password protected and require registration in order to access them. While registering we ask for some personal information such as, name, e-mail address, name of company, designation, and others.

This information is collected because it helps us understand specifically who our audience is. Generally, the content contained in the protected section may constitute articles, whitepapers, brochures, order history, order status, etc. By knowing who accesses and downloads these materials, we are able to realize who our prospective clients are. This realization helps us in understanding our target market better, which in turn, enables us to design and / or customize our offerings to meet the requirements of these target markets. The password-protection mechanism also helps us in securely catering the information to our customers.

We do not store any financial information, such as, credit card numbers, banking or credit card pins or passwords and other information of such financially sensitive nature.

b) Newsletters and other services of similar cadre

There are also some services such as, the newsletter, which requires the user to submit his / her e-mail address, name, and other personal information.

This is solely for the purpose of making the service available to the interested person. We do not access this information for purposes other than for systems administration, as and when required. The client is free to opt out of this service at any point of time and the information for opting out will be contained at the end of the newsletter or the service subscribed to.

c) Feedback and Contact Pages

We also gather personal information on Feedback and Contact Pages.

This information is solely to understand the visitor's comments and requirements properly and to be able to respond more accurately. This information is never used for purposes other than responding to the visitor's query and following up on his / her comments, and building a relationship with the prospective client / strengthening relationships with existing clients.

Occasionally, it is possible that we have partnered with another company / companies to provide a service / product in part or in whole. In such cases, your email address will be forwarded to them after taking your consent in doing so. This is also solely to be able to respond to your query and for serving you better.

Our Privacy Commitments:

- We collect tangible information by using cookies, and other technologies, effectively harmless to the visitor's browsing experience.

- We only collect intangible information by explicitly asking the visitor to provide the same and referring to the accurate purpose for asking for such information

- We may maintain this information with us for the lifetime of our company Admyrin E-Com Services.

- We do not send any spam or unsolicited email.

- We do not transmit viruses through our website.

-Documents provided for download from our website have been checked for virus content using a powerful and updated virus scanner and only after ascertaining its virus-free state, have been uploaded to the website for downloading.

- We do not sell your personal information to third-party under any circumstances.

- We do not partner with or have special relationships with any ad server companies.

- If you supply us with your postal address on-line you will only receive the information for which you provided us your address.

- Persons who supply us with their telephone numbers on-line will only receive telephone contact from us with information for which the number was provided.

Limitation of Privacy

Sometimes we provide links to third-party websites for the purpose of providing information. All websites have different levels of commitments and approaches to privacy and we suggest you to read their policies. We do not have control over their content and practices and thus, cannot guarantee your privacy on their website or indemnify them.

If you feel that we have not kept our promises as mentioned in this Privacy Policy, please email us immediately at We will be more than glad to rectify our error.

Periodically, we make changes to our policies, please check our website for an updated version or mail us at