What are ADM Coins:

So, Let's get first things cleared out first.
ADM coins are loyalty coins that can be availed by our registered customers as part of buying process.

1) Earning ADM Coins is very easy.
2) You can use a minimum of 2000 ADM coins on a single order
3) A maximum of 10,000 ADM coins can be used per order
4) 1000 ADM coins = INR 25

How to Earn ADM Coins:

1) Register and Earn:
To start off we will deposit your account with 1000 ADM coins once you register with us. Just fill in those details and you are good to go.

2) Actual Cart Price Coins:
Once you purchase a product worth "X" amount, your account automatically gets credited with "X" number of ADM Coins after the completion of the order.
(Note: Here X means the actual price of product in cart. This will not include COD, Shipping or any other discounts availed. For eg. You bought a product worth Rs. 999 - Rs 99 (Discount) + Rs. 100 (COD) + Rs 50 (Shipping). Here, you will earn 999 ADM Coins for this order.)

3) Rate & Review to Earn:
Earn 1000 ADM coins by reviewing a product (ones that have actually been purchased by you)
Which means, reviewing 2 products gives you 2000 Coins and so on.
So, Reviewing is good.. Keep reviewing each product that you buy to earn more.

4) Submit a Picture in Admyrin Album:
We love it when we see happy clients in Admyrin attires. And to show us that just submit a picture wearing the product you purchased from us in the Admyrin Album. Once we approve picture you will earn 2000 ADM Coins.

5) Refferal Earning:
Now, that you are an admyrian, it's time to spread the word. And earn while you are at it! Refer us to your friends/family with the unique link (available in your account) and earn 500 ADM Coins with each reference. You will also earn 500 ADM Coins when the person you referred us to buys something from our site. (valid for first 3 purchases only)

Spending Rules:

Phew!! All that earning needs to have some value, right? So, here's how you can use / spend those hard earned ADM Coins.

1) You can use a min of 2000 ADM Coins per order:
Over and above the other discount codes, gift coupons or anything else that you want to use.

2) You can use a maximim of 10,000 ADM Coins per order:


Please Note that in case (for any reason) your order didn't get through (like pending payments) your ADM coins will be credited back to your account within 24 to 48 hours.

Terms and Conditions pertaining to ADM Coins are subject to change as deemed fit by the ADMYRIN ECOM SERVICES team

ADM Coins are valid for 90 days from the day you earned them.

ADM Coins will be credited once the product return period is over.

For any other queries:

Just drop us a line in our website Chat Window or at support@admyrin.com